• Goal: To improve communication skills.
  • Objectives:
    • The child will verbalize a social greeting (e.g., “hi” or “bye”)
    • The child will demonstrate nonverbal communication by nodding for “yes” and shaking head for “no.”
    • The child will demonstrate expressive communication by verbalizing “go.”
    • The child will demonstrate receptive communication by stopping when prompted.

V1: When I see my friend
I like to sayyyyy, “hi”
hi, hi, hi, hi, hi,hi, hi

Coro: It’s important to say “yes” when I mean yes
And to say “no” when I mean no
So let us go
go, go, go, go, go, go, go
Aaaaaaand STOP

V2: When it’s time to leave
I will sayyyyyy, “bye”
bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye

    • For the first time through, feel free to model the responses. For example, verbalize the words and demonstrate nodding and shaking your head. Next (or after one more repetition), do not model. Leave a little pause after the “sayyyyyy” parts for the children to verbalize the word “hi” or “bye.” During the nodding and shaking head parts, look at the child expectantly (e.g., raise eye brows, look at their head, point to your head, lightly touch his or her head).
    • During the song, the child or children can have an instrument or be dancing/jumping/clapping, so that during the “stop” part, they have something to stop.
    • Provide multiple opportunities for the child to meet the objectives by repeating the first verse and the chorus several times. Once the child’s attention begins to waver (e.g., looking away) or the child seems tired (e.g., yawning), redirect his or her attention to the final verse and then repeat a few times before finishing the song.

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