When someone is experiencing a crisis situation, they are concerned about the present moment. The goals are short-term. For example, when I worked in the neonatal and intensive care unit (NICU), I noticed that many of the mother’s displayed mental health challenges that disrupted their ability to cope. Some of them acknowledged the need to seek therapy to address these needs. However, all of the mothers that I worked with in the NICU said that they would look into personal therapy after their baby was discharged from the NICU. The number one goal for them was to get their baby home.

These mothers were in crisis mode trying to survive this unexpected hospitalization. That focus on survival I think relates to the current COVID-19 health crisis. Everyone is simply trying to survive each day, maybe the week. Thinking a month ahead may be too far, because who knows what our communities will look like in a month? So my goal, for the remainder of however long we are social distancing and self-quarantined, is to provide a music-based exercise, reflection, and song each day to promote bonding with your unborn or born baby, to improve mindful presence, and increase resilience, which is your ability to adapt to these changes and grow.

Maybe you are not interested in starting a process of therapy. Maybe that is something will you pursue after this public health crisis is all over. Maybe you just need to survive today, and that’s ok. I am here to support you with what you need right now. If you need to get through today without a panic attack- then I can help you achieve that goal. If you need to experience just a moment of peace, then I can help you acquire the skills to you need to find that place of rest. If you need to develop positive coping skills to help carry you through the remainder of your pregnancy and self-isolation, then, let’s do it.

Like my Facebook page, “Pro Music Therapy: Promoting Child Development and Maternal Mental Health” at facebook.com/musictherapyformom where I will be posting a new music-based exercise everyday, specifically for pregnant women and young mothers, to help carry you through the day. Remember, to be a mother is the most beautiful and demanding calling. This vocation requires not only all of your time, but it also engages your mind, body, and pretty much all of the love in your heart. Therefore, you deserve care that is accessible, evidence-based, and life-affirming. Please, join the journey on the Facebook page, “Pro Music Therapy: Promoting Child Development and Maternal Mental Health,” at facebook.com/musictherapyformom and maybe you can come out of this crisis having built a stronger connection with your baby, your family, and yourself.